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Boost your income in FIFA Mobile with coin ups

FIFA Mobile keeps players connected to the real football scene in many ways. A most generous selection of real footballers is available. Live events based on current news are part of the game. Coin ups is a nice game addition that helps players obtain more coins. Players start by taking part in live events. Among daily challenges, players will notice that some events are marked as a coin up challenge. Players are rewarded with a coin up token upon successful completion of a marked event.

Coin up challenges come in a large variety with multiple requirements. There are simple challenges where players win the token if the marked team wins the upcoming real life match. Some challenges are more complicated and require an extremely specific objective. Example of advanced challenges include a certain player scoring a number of goals in a real match. Players receive tokens based on event’s requirements such as a win token or score token. Players have two options to cash in a coin up token reward. They can either sell it on the spot using the quick sell feature or wait until the next Tuesday to redeem it.

To be up to date with future coin up challenges, players are invited to follow FIFA Mobile’s social networks accounts. The team that is managing Facebook and Twitter pages does a good job on posting coin up challenges updates. They also remind players not to forget to redeem their tokens. Players can see if they acquired tokens by watching real life football events but they can also rely on FIFA Mobile notification system.

Coin ups are the easiest way to increase the amount of earned coins. Players are not required to to anything besides completing the special challenges. These daily events are on players’ agenda anyway so coin ups are practically an improved reward. Taking part in marked live events only is an efficient way to obtain coins in a short period of play time.