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Social engineering attack by a fake technical engineer, this locksmith explains how.

Cyber security is often regarded as a technological field, but offline cyber attacks can be very simple by just using (Social engineering – CyberWarZone). Finally at the close of this article you will learn to safeguard yourself and your systems from these types of social engineering attacks. Social engineering attacks will always be able to succeed if the human interaction is not defensive, we’ve done a small interview with a locksmith here in the Netherlands which showed us an recent social engineering attack done in a company.

Social engineering, computer information got stolen. “Slotenmaker Sonam” explains how it was done

Slotenmaker Sonam’s client explained that a “technical engineer” had came to the office, did not identify itself and passed through the office’s reception. Went through the server installation room and forced the door to open, explaining that the company he worked for would pay for the lock that was installed on it. Secretly lockpicking and damaging the door open to steal server and data information stored on the servers, after stealing all data the “technical engineer” just left. Lots of data and information was stolen by this social engineering attack and a simple USB copy data device.

How you could prevent this from happening

Slotenmaker Sonam tells us that this was something he had never heard before, but this should definetely not happen again. So the locksmith contacted us to bring awareness.

1. Make sure that anyone who comes through the office’s reception shows some legit identification before letting him through.
2. When anyone is accesssing confidential information, make sure someone responsible for security is watching.
3. Don’t make any bad decisions by getting intimited, “hurry up” or “i’m in a hurry”.
4. NEVER let anyone open or damage any locks, when the key or passkeys are present.
5. Use your brains, security is top priority if you have confidential information stored.

Important tip to remember: Attackers, scammers and social engineer attackers want you to act fast: They want you to act now and think later.

Always check up if they say things like “the CEO of this company called” or using the name of your coworker, the could have looked for this information on the web just to take disadvantage of it.
SlotenmakerSonam.nl tells us the client panicked, as a lot of financial and confidential information was stolen. Having no idea that the “technical engineer” was just a scammer and a fraud.

The locks were replaced with a passkey and the two factor authentication is installed by fingerprint identication. Preventing this from happening again. We want to thank SlotenmakerSonam.nl for taking his time and giving us this information.